I’m wrung by the wrong you do,

You are deaf to our dissonance.

You see no reason there’s no resonance.

Not even plain old romance.

We no longer dance to the music of the stars that lit our eyes,

Black dwarves imploding to black holes in our souls

This distance coupled by the eternity of our silence

silence so simply torn by a wormhole of a Skype call

Voices in the dark telling tales of alternate realities

Realities far from real, distorting how we feel.

Play me again,

Not the way you are playing me now,

Play me like you once did,

Like Faure’s discordant harmonies

Like Debussy’s Claire De Lune.

Bring back our song, eternal harmony,

through space and time.

String Theory


I feel so tired,selfish?

Of clawing towards you

While your goldfish memory

sends you around your aquarium,

you forgot to recall, to call

To care

to seam, to weave our thoughts together.

And now like the unwinding universe

our intricate technicolour web’s unravelling…


It’s strange how this happens,

How each tinge of string tugs away,

Morning noon or night when it does

I feel a tear drop, I feel anger, I feel remorse,

Only my memory re- members the pieces

I have done this before

And last time was to be the last time

and this time was my time

(Who else’s I should ask)

yet i lack the streangth to strum the strings of this continuum

Continue?  uhhhhhmmmmm…

Growing DIstance

Lost Years

I feel like a fossil today
30 but old still, you may
Humour me with why
A guy like me still has the time of day

To play

Yet a peer at peers and what do you say?


Time is not my friend,my friend,
I mourn for lost years, and the fears from beyond.